DR Practice S1 - Endless Challenge

Endless Challenge is a new event that you can challenge yourself to pass through levels as many as possible. It's a pre-alpha version. The rules may change in the future.
The DR practice has DR done in every scramble.

Started at January 27, 2024 12:00 AM.

Basic Rules

  1. You can only use the notation that is defined in WCA regulations.
  2. Only valid solutions can be submitted.
  3. At the beginning, all people will start from level 1.
  4. New level will open once one of the following conditions is satisfied:
    1. A person submits a valid solution.
  5. Each level's scramble is visible after you enter the level.
  6. Each level's solutions are visible after you submit a valid result.
  7. Any kind of cheating is not allowed.


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